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Recent publications by Nancy Lombard

2018 Lombard, N. and Harris, R. (2018) 'Another brick in the wall’ Preventative Education in Scottish Schools' in Brooks, O. Burman, M. & McFeely, C. (eds), Domestic Abuse: Contemporary Perspectives and Innovative Pratices . Dunedin Academic Press, Edinburgh.

2017 Lombard, N. (ed.) Research Handbook on Gender and Violence Routledge, Abingdon

2017 Barter, C. & Lombard, N. '‘Thinking and doing’: children’s and young people’s understandings and experiences of intimate partner violence and abuse (IPVA)'. in Lombard, N. (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Violence. Routledge Handbooks, Routledge, London, pp. 287-302.,

2017 Radford, L. Lombard, N. Meinck, F. Katz, E. Mahati, S. 'Researching violence with children: Experiences and lessons from the UK and South Africa' Families, Relationships and Societies Special Issue

2016 McCarry, M. and Lombard, N. ‘‘Same old story’: Children and Young People’s Continued Normalisation of Violence Against Women’ Feminist Review (Special Issue: Violence)

2015 Lombard, N. ‘You Sometimes Hit a Girl if You Get Annoyed’: How do 11 and 12 year olds understand men’s violence against women?’ in S. Trenoweth (ed.) Fury: Women write about Sex, Violence and Power Hardie Grant Publishing

2015 Lombard, N. Young People's Understandings of Men’s Violence Towards Women, Routledge

2014 Lombard, N. ‘Because they’re a couple she should do what he says’: Justifications of Violence: Heterosexuality, Gender and Adulthood’ Journal of Gender Studies

2013 Lombard, N. Young people’s temporal and spatial accounts of gendered violence Sociology 47: 6 1136-1151

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