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Why is ESAS needed?

Whilst there is much good practice in Scotland, many schools, young people and other partners have recognised that there is a lack of focus on gender-based violence as a major concern for schools, and limited guidance and support available to help them address it comprehensively.

Calls for change

Recognising capacity and workload challenges

During the development and pilot of ESAS many partners and stakeholders, including schools, were involved in conversations about how best to develop a dedicated framework for schools to tackle gender-based violence, whilst taking into account the capacity and workload challenges facing schools and teachers. It was also important to ensure compatibility with key educational frameworks and policies, and to complement existing resources for addressing gender inequality and gender-based violence.

ESAS has therefore been developed with the aim of bringing greater attention and focus to the issue of gender-based violence - but with an emphasis on ease of use. For example:

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