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ESAS Theory of Change

The Equally Safe Theory of Change explains how the project works. It starts with the problem (gender-based violence in school), describes the ESAS activities, and shows what results are intended from these activities.

Schools can measure their progress against these intended results using the student and staff surveys which they will find in the monitoring and evaluation section of My ESAS, after they have registered an account.

The Theory of Change also describes the school-level conditions for success. These key conditions are: that schools recognise that GBV is an issue; they believe ESAS is important; they allocate time and resources; support the teachers leading on ESAS activities; and prioritise staff training.

The Theory of Change can be used to explain ESAS to staff, students, parents/carers and other partners.

It was originally designed in 2016 after the initial ESAS scoping study. Since then, it has regularly been updated based on learning from project implementation and research during the pilot phase. This version is based on the latest evidence from the Equally Safe research.

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You can also access a pdf version here.
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