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Information for school leaders

The Role of the School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team plays a critical role in leading and sustaining ESAS.

A key finding of the ESAS pilot is that the intervention works best when it is visibly and actively supported by senior management. This involves:

Through leading by example, modelling positive use of power, promoting participatory values and demonstrating genuine commitment to gender equality, the School Leadership Team can send out a powerful message that advancing gender equality and addressing gender-based violence is a top priority within the school community.

Your school’s ESAS account

The ESAS web platform has been developed to make it as easy as possible for schools to navigate. It’s quick to register a (free) account which enables access to a range of useful tools and features. The Senior Lead’s Dashboard section makes it easy for school leaders to maintain a clear oversight of their school’s progress. They can plan and schedule activities, map progress and easily lift information for reporting and planning (eg Standards and Quality Reports, HGIOS Self-Assessment Reports and School Improvement Plans).

You can register an ESAS account for your school here.

You will then be able to enrol staff as individual users by simply entering email addresses (this can be done by uploading a spreadsheet). Staff can then get access to teaching resources, the ESAS e-learning module and a range of other ESAS resources and templates to support them to promote gender equality and challenge gender-based violence in school.

Staff involved in the Action Group will also be able register students so that they can log in to this section of the website, communicate with each, plan their activities and upload their work.

Find out what school leadership teams involved in the pilot said about ESAS.

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