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What support is available for schools?

ESAS has been designed for schools to undertake most parts independently.

However support is available from local rape crisis centres and from the Equally Safe at School Coordinator at Rape Crisis Scotland.

Your local rape crisis centre

The Sexual Violence Prevention Worker at your local Rape Crisis Centre can deliver the ESAS staff training for key staff. More details can be found in My ESAS.

The Prevention Worker can also deliver sexual violence prevention workshops (subject to capacity) as part of the national sexual violence prevention programme, funded by the Scottish Government since 2013 to deliver high quality, evidence-based educational workshops to young people, as well as working alongside local partners to support joint work on preventing sexual violence and gender based violence. Find out more information about this programme.

Rape Crisis Centres can also help with supporting any young people affected by sexual violence, whether by offering direct support to the young person, or advice to school staff involved in supporting them.

The ESAS Coordinator at Rape Crisis Scotland

The ESAS Coordinator will continue to develop the website and monitor how schools are using it and progressing ESAS. (Please see section on data usage for further information.) You can contact the ESAS Coordinator for any enquiries about implementing ESAS, or using the website and materials at or through our contact form.

Other local sources of support

You may also wish to contact other local agencies to support you with your work or to address the needs of particular groups of young people. This might include Women's Aid groups or other Violence Against Women agencies, LGBT youth groups or agencies specialising in other equalities issues - such as groups working with black and minority ethnic women and girls, or young people with learning disabilities.

You can also find out how to contact your local Violence Against Women multi-agency partnership here.

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