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Getting involved

Young people have a lot to say about gender-based violence and have been speaking very passionately about the issues. Young people have been raising awareness through social media, contributing to websites like Everyone’s Invited as well as joining local groups to create change in their local areas. It’s really important that young people’s views are heard!

There are lots of ways to get involved in gender-based violence prevention. A good first step is to find out if your school is doing ESAS, as there is an Action Group for students to work together to tackle gender-based violence in their school. If your school is doing ESAS, there might be information on your school’s website or social media, or you might have had an email or seen a presentation in assembly. If not, you could ask a guidance teacher, or your depute head teacher or head teacher. Or ask a teacher you know well to find out for you.

In ESAS schools

If your school is doing ESAS you can:

  • Find out which teacher is leading the ESAS action group and let them know you’d like to join
  • Talk to the teacher leading the ESAS action group about any concerns or ideas you have
  • Pass a suggestion on to the school action group for them to take forward

In non-ESAS schools

If your school isn’t yet participating in ESAS and you would like to encourage your head teacher to sign up you can:

  • Write to your head teacher
  • Talk to your Student Council/Pupil Parliament representative and ask them to raise ESAS at the next meeting
  • Talk to a teacher about it (you could even show them the website) and ask if they can raise it with the head teacher

In your local area

If you would like to get involved in activities outside of school to help prevent gender-based violence, you can:

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