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What is ESAS?

Equally Safe at School (ESAS) is a project that works with schools to stop gender-based violence from happening. It’s also about making school a more supportive place for students who have been affected by gender-based violence.

To achieve this, ESAS works with the whole school community through lots of different activities. These activities are:

What is gender-based violence?

Gender-based violence is a term we use to refer to certain kinds of abusive or violent behaviour. No child or young person should ever face violence or abuse - they are never to blame and have the right to help and support.

Gender-based violence doesn’t always involve physical violence, but can hurt in other ways, like emotionally and psychologically. We call it gender-based violence because it is linked to inequality between women and men in society, and although anyone can experience it, the behaviours are mostly carried out by men and boys and directed at women, girls and transgender people. Gender-based violence can include:

To find out more about what gender-based violence is, visit Young Scot’s Website.

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